Cosmetic Dentures Described by Wilmette Cosmetic Dentist

Dentures 1If you visualize a set of dentures outside of a mouth, you may not think of them as having a very cosmetic appearance. Yet when placed in your mouth, miracles can happen. Dentures can provide the aesthetic of a straight, beautiful, natural smile. They can also make it possible for you to speak clearly, and eat just about anything you’d like. You don’t have to have lost every single one of your teeth to qualify for dentures. Your Wilmette cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, will tell you more about partial and full cosmetic dentures. (more…)

Highland Park Dentist: Can Ancient Ayurvedic Oil Pulling Be Good for Teeth

Oil PullingWe have mentioned many times in this blog how important it is to have a healthy foundation regarding your dental health before any cosmetic procedures will be safe and lasting. The basics of oral hygiene have remained the same for years upon years: floss, brush twice a day for two minutes each time, and possibly use an antibacterial mouthwash. Of course, you must visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and thorough cleaning. Yet there’s still people that take all of these steps and find they wish there was more they could do to ensure optimal oral health and the best looking teeth and gums possible. Highland Park cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, will tell you about a home remedy many people swear by: oil pulling.

How to Oil Pull

Oil pulling begins in the morning, before you’ve eaten. You can use any oil you wish. Many people prefer sesame or coconut oil, but olive or vegetable is fine as well. Basically, as odd as it may seem at first, you will take one tablespoon of your oil of choice and swish it around in your mouth. Think of swishing with mouthwash in slow motion. This process should last approximately 20 minutes, and you want to pull the oil through your teeth and around in your mouth. What dental benefits, you may ask, could this possibly have? (more…)

Deerfield Dentist Highlights Two Reasons for Porcelain Veneers

Smile DimpleWe’ve made no secret in our cosmetic dental blog that porcelain veneers are one of the most often requested procedures for people that have more than one dental issue. Today, your Deerfield cosmetic dentist will offer two common scenarios for why someone might opt for porcelain dental veneers.

Poor Oral Hygiene

When we are young, it’s up to our parents to make sure that our teeth are cared for properly. However, if you’ve ever tried to dedicate two minutes of proper brushing to a squirmy and uncooperative toddler, it’s sometimes easier said than done. Once those bad habits are instilled, rambunctious child can transition into surly teenager that just wants to be independent, so you’re not likely to be invited into the bathroom with a timer while they brush. If teeth aren’t cared for throughout your life, decay is most likely an inevitability. If decay is ignored, teeth can become irreversibly damaged. Even when cavities are halted, front teeth that are touched by decay can require a cosmetic fix. Porcelain veneers would fit the bill. (more…)

Three Reasons You Should Smile from your Northbrook Cosmetic Dentist

Smiling Mother and SonYour smile tells a story to others. If you’re smiling at someone you’ve never even met, the impression you’ll most likely give is that you’re an open and warm person that they might like to get to know. If you’re smiling at a friend or family member, you are showing them how happy you are to see them and be in their presence. When you smile during a job interview, you are likely to make your prospective employer feel comfortable with the idea of adding you into the work environment because of you pleasant demeanor. Teeth and gums are what people see when you smile at them. If your teeth are have damage or decay, or your gum tissues don’t frame their grin in an aesthetically pleasing manner, your smile can turn into a frown. Your Northbrook cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, would like to have a little Friday fun by offering you three facts about smiling.

Smile! You’re Gorgeous

Smiling gives you a more attractive appearance. In fact, women can think of their smile as the ultimate beauty enhancer. Orbit Complete gum issued a survey which found that 69% of people rate a smile as a higher reason for attraction than makeup.

Smile without Even Trying

Smiles are as natural as can be. That’s why babies smile reflexively rather than learning how to smile. We are all born with the ability to smile which has been proven by research that found that blind newborn babies smile in spite of not having the ability to visually survey the people around them. (more…)