True or False: Barrington Dentist Quizzes on Porcelain Veneers

True or False BallIt’s no wonder that we speak so often about porcelain veneers. When you need to take care of multiple cosmetic dental issues at one time, veneers can definitely be a great way to go. With a healthy foundation and proper care, your dental veneers can be a part of your beautiful smile for many years to come. Dr. Brent Engelberg, your Barrington cosmetic dentist, would like to challenge you to a true-or-false quiz on veneers.


Q1. True or false – Dental veneers are removable so you can keep your natural teeth clean.

Q2. True or false – Any toothpaste is fine to brush and clean your veneers.

Q3. True or false – Dental porcelain is such a strong material, it will never crack.


A1. FALSE – Porcelain veneers will be securely attached to your teeth with a strong bonding agent and the goal of permanence. This is why it’s so important to have a healthy foundation. If your teeth have decayed, causing part of your cosmetic issues, the infection must first be controlled before any cosmetic efforts could hope to be long-lasting. Once your veneers are in place, you can brush them as you would your natural teeth. (more…)

Want to Look Younger? Elk Grove Village Dentist Recommends Cosmetic Dental Work

Young CoupleAging gracefully is something to strive for. There are certain inevitabilities with the passage of time, and changes in your physical appearance are one example. We’ve all seen someone who took the opportunity to change their appearance through cosmetic procedures too far. There is a balance, but you can begin to turn back the clock by paying attention to your teeth. Since smiles are one of the first things people notice about others, having your teeth in tip-top shape can keep you looking younger. Your Elk Grove Village cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A Engelberg, will explain two common dental procedures that can take years off of your appearance.

Dental Implants

What impression do you get when you see someone with missing teeth? While life can get busy and expensive, and some people put themselves as a low priority, an honest assessment of someone with missing teeth might include questions regarding just why they haven’t restored their smile. Whether you are missing one or several teeth, when your roots aren’t (more…)

Surprising Dental Trend in Japan Highlighted by Palatine Cosmetic Dentist

Japanese GirlsCultural differences from nation to nation can be shocking. Our American ideal of imperfections might be just what another country believes is the bastion of beauty. One example would be a trend in Japan over the last several years called yaeba. While American women with imperfect smiles might avoid grinning altogether, Japanese women actually go through cosmetic procedures to make their teeth more imperfect. Of particular desire are accentuated and crooked canine teeth. Dr. Brent Engelberg, your Palatine cosmetic dentist, will explain more regarding this cultural dental curiosity.

What is Yaeba?

Dentists in Tokyo are used to their patients requesting “the yaeba effect.” In essence, mini-fangs are adhered, usually to the canine teeth. Canines are the teeth in your mouth that are pointiest. They are designed to help you tear into your food for proper breakdown before you swallow. Yaeba translates as ‘double tooth,’ and the sought after treatment runs approximately $400 for patients.

Imperfections Believed to Appear Youthful

There is a small sect of people in the United States that are so compelled by the idea of vampires that they opt for Dracula-esque adhesive fangs, or even have teeth shaved into sharper canines. However, this is not the goal of yaeba. The intent of the Japanese trend is to replicate a look that generally occurs as the result of delayed primary tooth (more…)

Interested in Cosmetic Braces? Evanston Cosmetic Dentist Offers Invisalign

ClearCorrectSmileTraditional braces have been made of stainless steel for over half a century. Generally, braces were reserved for adolescents and teens. Adults whose parents couldn’t afford braces simply accepted their lot in life. Crooked teeth became a part of their identity, albeit possibly diminishing their quality of life and joy of smiling. Fortunately, innovations in orthodontic technology now allow an option of nearly invisible “braces” in the form of clear aligners called Invisalign. Your Evanston cosmetic dentist will tell you why this procedure can offer you cosmetic results both after and during treatment.

Invisalign Advantages

While Invisalign might not be the best option for every single case, if you have gapped, crowded, or misaligned teeth, Invisalign can offer you surprisingly fast and remarkably incognito straightening. If you are well into you adult years, with an established career, this can be the primary (more…)