Porcelain Veneers in Buffalo Grove with Cosmetic Dentist

Photo of woman with Porcelain veneers Some cultures don’t give smiles as freely as we do here in the United States. In fact, there are countries that have (and some that still do) depicted the American smile as insincere. Because we live here, we know that most of our smiles are as natural as the air we breathe. While we may plaster a fake one on for a photo we’re not thrilled about taking, or when meeting up with someone we’re not the biggest fan of, by and large, we feel our smiles from the heart. Unless, that is, you are ashamed of the way your teeth look. Fortunately, there is a variety of different cosmetic dental procedures that can improve the appearance of your teeth. Your Buffalo Grove cosmetic dentist will explain that one of the most popular is porcelain dental veneers, and with good reason.

Natural-Looking Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored material that are customized to fit your teeth. Using top-of-the-line dental adhesive, they are attached to the surfaces of your most visible teeth to attain a flawless appearance. The procedure can cover up just about any dental flaw, as long as there’s ample tooth structure for the veneer to adhere to. Porcelain is a terrific material for this cosmetic effort because of the tooth-like translucence it provides. When you rely on an experienced dentist that has a great relationship with a well-versed ceramist, you can expect your veneers to appear like the natural smile you always wished you had been born with.

Porcelain Veneer Procedure

The procedure might begin with removal of a scant amount of tooth enamel from the front of teeth. Why would your Buffalo Grove cosmetic dentist remove part of the protective surfaces of your teeth? In order for veneers to look natural, there needs to be enough room for them. There also needs to be a surface prepared that will respond well to the dental bonding agent so your veneers remain secure for years to come. However, some people are candidates for no-prep veneers. Dr. Engelberg will make a recommendation when you consult with him. Next, impressions are sent to the ceramist who will create your customized veneers. Porcelain veneers can be shaped to your desired look. When the finished product has been achieved, you can brush and floss just as always. However, your smile will feel like a brand new experience. (more…)

Wheeling Cosmetic Dentist “Bonds” with Your Teeth

White Teeth CoupleWhen it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are definitely stars of the show (veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding) and there are supporting players. One example would be adhesives. You don’t see them. You don’t think about them. But whether you are having a restorative procedure such a crown, or a cosmetic treatment like porcelain veneers, without adhesive, you would not have long-lasting and strong dental work. One of the first bonding systems failed because it reacted to saliva and therefore wouldn’t last. Over the years, it has been back to the drawing board for many researchers and inventors to come up with the best biocompatible, but long-lasting adhesive options. Your Wheeling cosmetic dentist , Dr. Brent Engelberg, will give you a little more history about dental adhesives over the years.

Early Bonding Attempts

In the late 1970’s, an ionic bond to calcium in the tooth was discovered.  This provided hope for a better and stronger adhesive possibility. Unfortunately, the water within the dentin of teeth and saliva still resulted in degrading the adhesive and weakening the bond. At this time, dentists were not removing what is known as a “smear layer.” This is defined as the organic debris that results from preparing a tooth for a dental procedure. The smear layer was clearly affecting the reliability of adhesives. So, the next generation of bonding materials included acid etching of dentin to remove this debris. A stronger adhesion was achieved, but many dentists felt that acid etching was counter-productive to dental health. (more…)

Deerfield Cosmetic Dentist Offers Advice on Overcoming Dental Fears

NervousWomanAdmit it…you feel a twinge nervous about going to the dentist, right? Sure, it’s usually a completely pleasant experience, but there’s no denying that going to the dentist isn’t a vacation destination. However, while most of us can push down those nerves, approximately 20% of the U.S. population has some degree of severe anxiety, panic, or even a phobia about dental visits. Unfortunately, this can translate into people putting off the dental care they need. In the case of cosmetic needs, there are those people that will go through life covering their mouths rather than smiling broadly. They wish they could fix their smile, but they’re simply too scared. Deerfield cosmetic dentist , Dr. Brent Engelberg, will offer some tips on how to overcome your concerns.

Keep Up the Checkups

If you have anxiety whenever you think about going to the dentist, it’s likely that you haven’t had a proper cleaning in some time. When you let your teeth and gums become infected or inflamed, you will be without the necessary healthy foundation that allows cosmetic dental treatment. This means that if you finally get your nerve up to consult with your Deerfield cosmetic dentist, you could be disappointed to find out that you need periodontal therapy, fillings, crowns, or root canal treatments before you can fix the visual flaws in your smile. Of course, it’s always better late than never to visit the dentist. However, if you keep up with biannual checkups and good oral hygiene at home, you can jump right in to the cosmetic dental procedures you need. The less work you need done, the less anxious you’re likely to feel.

Laugh it Up

Laughter is like a natural anxiety medication. When someone makes you laugh, you are likely to feel much more at ease and forget about those butterflies in your (more…)

Dental Implants Solve Jawbone Density Issues

Dental ResearchDental implants are arguably the most comprehensive way to replace missing teeth. Some people come to find that they cannot replace their teeth with implants, however, because of physical deficiencies. If you have osteoporosis or low bone density resulting from any number of reasons, you could be told that there simply is not enough healthy structure for implants to effectively fuse with your oral tissues. People who smoke, diabetics, and cancer survivors can be in a similar situation. Fortunately, research is being done to help such patients. The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Castellón has been the site for impressive research that has yielded development of a biodegradable implant coating to help those with jawbone deficiencies regain bone density at the same time that they’re healing from the implant surgery. Your Long Grove cosmetic dentist , Dr. Brent Engelberg, will tell you more about this exciting dental implant innovation.

Better, Stronger, Faster

Bone grafts require an extra procedure and a healing time of up to two months. For people with low-bone density, this could be a necessary (more…)