Zoom! Bleaching Explained by Lincolnshire Cosmetic Dentist

White TeethWhen you notice a gorgeous smile, amongst the list of reasons someone’s grin stands out to you is probably how white and bright their teeth appear. Teeth whitening has become a fairly common cosmetic dental treatment because of how attainable it is, and how drastic the results can be. Yellowing and stains on your teeth are natural signs of aging. A professionally aided whitening treatment can make you appear years younger. Compared to other cosmetic procedures to create a more youthful appearance, teeth whitening is cost-effective and doesn’t require lengthy recoveries or marked discomfort. Today, your Lincolnshire cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg, will tell you more about one of the fastest and most effective whitening treatments: Zoom!

Fast Whitening – It’s in the Name

Zoom!® is a teeth bleaching process designed to expediently lighten the dentin and enamel of your teeth. The process includes the extra measure of covering gums to protect them from potential sensitivity that can result with bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide containing gel is next applied to the surfaces of your teeth, which is then exposed to a specialized light containing an infrared filter. The action of the light activates the peroxide in the bleach so that oxygen bubbles are released. This virtually erases the stains on your teeth. However, the internal structure of your teeth will remain healthy and intact. The most incredible part is that the entire process only takes about an hour. (more…)

Vernon Hills Dentist Educates on Zirconia Dental Crowns

Smile in GrassA crown is a dental restoration that completely surrounds a damaged tooth or dental implant. Dental crowns are generally fixed to the remaining tooth structure or titanium post using traditional dental cement. Over the years, a large variety of materials have been utilized for dental crowns. Some were hits and some were misses. You may be wondering, right here and right now, what is your ultimate option? The answers to questions such as these are often individual and subjective. Vernon Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg, will tell you about one of your options: zirconia crowns.

The Good News About Zirconia

First and foremost, Zirconia distinguishes itself with unprecedented strength. Obviously, this is a major pro when considering a dental restoration. Your teeth go through a lot of wear and tear, and no one wants to go through the trouble of receiving a lovely, aesthetically pleasing dental crown only to have it crack within months. Made from an oxide of a metal, the look of zirconia gives it the reputation of being “metal-free” even if it technically is not. Zirconia can be color-matched and polished or glazed to give a natural, translucent, tooth-like appearance when it is layered with porcelain.

Disadvantages of Zirconia

The reason you want to have an experienced cosmetic dentist on your side is that simply requesting a “zirconia crown” might not get you results like the above-mentioned. (more…)

Glencoe Dentist: When Whitening Won’t Work

Covering MouthThere are two types of stains that can dull your smile. Extrinsic stains are common and happen to everyone as the years march on. They are exacerbated by coffee, tobacco, and dark food and beverages. These stains generally respond very well to professional teeth whitening. Intrinsic stains occur from inside the dentin of your teeth. Generally, this is a result of medication side effects. Your Glencoe cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg, will tell you more about this type of staining, and what you can do if you’re tired of having a discolored smile.

Medication and Fluorosis

Tetracycline and other medications that are similar can have wonderful effects on patients in need. Unfortunately, in spite of the best efforts of science and research, side effects sometimes don’t become clear until after the meds are already long (more…)

Cosmetic Dentist in Winettka Challenges You to a Quiz on Invisalign

True of false thought bubblesYou may have already been down the braces road, and perhaps you don’t have the best memories. Let’s face it,0 adolescence can already be awkward enough. Slap a mouthful of cumbersome metal on the teeth of a young teenager and they’re likely to be mortified and embarrassed. If you were one of the many young people that sported traditional braces, you probably got used to them eventually. However, wouldn’t you have loved to have more options? Fast forward to the present, and perhaps your teeth ended up shifting in spite of all of those great efforts on the part of your orthodontist and your parents’ wallets. If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, whether you had braces at one point, or never got a chance to have your teeth straightened, Invisalign can seem almost like a miracle. Your Winettka cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, challenges you to this quiz on Invisalign.


Q1. True or false: Invisalign is flatter and more comfortable than traditional bracket-and-wire braces, but they’re still a bit visually distracting.

Q2. True or false: There are usually talking and discomfort issues from Invisalign.

Q3. True or false: Invisalign is a one-size-fits-all treatment.


A1. FALSE – It might sound like science fiction that a method for straightening your teeth might exist that does the job so inconspicuously, but it’s true. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, and definitely more comfortable than the older alternatives. (more…)